I'm sure you're wondering over what? Well scroll on to see!


Over is the shorter command for jumping over things. For this example, I taught Harley and will help you teach your pup to jump over your arms, but really, you could use this method to jump over many things.

Remember seeing those cool obstacles in some dog parks? Teach your dog “over” and that may translate well to looking cool in front of other dog owners and their furry friends.

Out of the four tricks on this site, “over” may be the most difficult, but with time and repetition I think you can get it!

Teach Your Dog to Jump Over Your Arms

The steps to this trick are fairly simple, but they may take time.

First Step

The first step is to find a wall with enough space around it for you and your dog. For me, the side of the house worked very well!

You'll rest your feet up against it and lead your dog over your legs with a tasty treat waiting for them on the other side while using the command, "over." Repeat this certain level for quite some time until they feel fairly confident with going over your legs without needing much motivation from the treat.

Once it seems like they are feeling up for more, raise your legs a bit or put a knee up. Repeat the above process.

Second Step

You're getting close to the finale! Next is to move on to putting your arm against the wall and leading them over that. Remember to keep using the command "over" so they know what trick to tie their action to.

Once they've mastered this, you can attempt to back up from the wall a bit and have them jump over your arm again. If they try to pass on the side since there is space, go back to putting your hand on the wall. The key to this trick is getting them set up for success to understand they have to go over the object to get their trick.

Third Step

Patience is key here. Once you're both confident, move on to adding space again and watch them soar!

What Next?

Now that your dog has mastered jumping over your arm or other objects, move onto the next trick you'd like to tackle!

Roll Over

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Round & round



Aka "play dead"