Round & round & round! Really, so fun to watch once your dog learns this trick! It'll bring a smile to your face!

Teach Your Dog to Spin

Spin is a much easier trick to teach than you'd think. For this one you'll likely want a treat that they really love as you'll be using it to lead them into a spin.

If you've taught your dog "sit," then they'll likely want to start out that way, but not for this one. Have them start out standing first.

The rest is easy peasy. Have them follow the treat in a circular motion close towards your body, kind of leaning over their head. Once they really get it down, all you may need to do is say the "spin" command and if you'd like, a circular motion with your hand.

If you're runnning into some issues, follow along with the troubleshooting article below.


If you need some troubleshooting tips, check out an awesome article by Rover to try and get the spin trick down!

What Next?

Now that your dog has mastered spin, move onto the next trick you'd like to tackle!

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